The LoopSense Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel


Compatible with Apollo XP95, Discovery and DS Series addressable detectors.

Hybrid Control Panel

Supports both analogue addressable and conventional systems in a single control panel.


Suitable for small to medium sized fire detection systems.


Versatile, easy to install, easy to operate and easy to commission.

Technical Features


The LoopSense is programmed via LoopMaster. LoopMaster is an intuitive Windows™ based software that can be installed on laptops. The laptop is easily connected to the FACP via the USB or RS232 communication ports located on the panel’s main termination board.


The LoopSense can be further expanded by networking two or more LoopSense panels via conventional networking


For use in addressable systems, it is capable of expanding to two loops via Loop Activation Key and Programming.

For use in conventional systems, is it capable of expanding to 120 zones by adding zone cards.


Advanced balanced loop receive circuitry for highly effective common mode noise rejection.


Supports 500mA Loop Current.

Event Logging

Events upload via PC configuration tool. Exportable to html and can be imported to Excel spreadsheet.