The AMPAC SmartView

At 9Square Solutions, we carry a wide range of Detection Devices catered to all your needs. These are the three main lines that we offer.

The AMPAC SmartView

The AMPAC SmartView is a truly extensible web-based client server application, the primary role of which is dedicated to the monitoring of fire detection systems, from a single building installation employing one fire detection system to large multi-campus, multi-building facilities.

The system can also be tailored to monitor non-fire related events such as Supervisory, Security, Process and Plant alarms. In addition, extensive audit trail facilities allow comprehensive management of all event situations while command and control of remote systems can be undertaken seriously.

Despite its sophistication, SmartView remains simple to setup and configure. No two projects are ever the same which makes SmartView the ideal solution for innovative building designs and comprehensive site wide alarm systems.


Easy to operate user interface

Simple graphical navigation with rapid location of events

Event response action text

Historic data log on the activity of the fire detection system and alarm system

Zone and device text displayed on the panel

Extensible architecture